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I’ve been thinking about death a lot recently. No, not in that morbid way, but more like – if I were to die tomorrow, or even today, what would I be leaving behind? And more importantly, would the things I am leaving behind benefit me in the hereafter? The thing is, yeah, I know that throughout life I’ve not necessarily done great things or been in great situations, but, it’s never too late, and that’s a philosophy I’ve really been adopting (or trying to) over the last year or so. 

Often, I’ve spoken about time and the way it’s slipping between my fingers like grains of sand. But that’s just it, I’ve been letting them slip instead of clutching them in the palm of my hand. I’ve let the timelines others carry for themselves dictate where I am and where I’m going to go, and that has been my greatest downfall yet. As I grow through my twenties, I am learning and unlearning how best to live a life that is of benefit to me in this life and the next – I’ll admit, it’s a bit of a slippery slope sometimes, and I don’t always know what I’m doing, but that’s the art of living I guess. You never know for sure what is a good or bad thing, you just do the best you can, roll with the punches, and hope that it is enough. 

But, that’s not enough (for me anyway). I have always wanted to leave a legacy in the hearts of all those whom my life touches, and I’m trying, I really am, to live a life that does this with little effort. One of my biggest things that I really hope to leave behind, especially considering the age we’re in, is the content on my social media accounts. 

That’s one of the main reasons why I am very particular about what I post now – essentially, everything I decide will come into the public eye goes through a personal vetting process of sorts:

1. Is this something that can be shared in the public eye?

2. Is this something that will have some kind of benefit, even to one person?

And the most important one:

3. If I were to die tonight and this account stayed active, would this bring me goodness in the hereafter

And yeah, I’ll admit that this sometimes means I don’t post anything at all, but that’s okay. Because it’s a choice I have made that I hope will mean something for as long as I live and even after that. 

For myself, I’ve chosen words to be my legacy. 

What will you be leaving behind?

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