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My Lord, often I banged my fists against the wall and wondered how You could stand back and watch me burn myself down to the ground. But, I understand now. There was hikmah even in my self-destruction.
It is high time that we take the reigns and create for our communities exactly what we needed to find Allāh ﷻ, even in the depths of our sins. And that, is precisely what Ustādh Shabbir and Shaykh Hasib have managed to do. They've cultivated a space that isn't imposing, free of judgement, and does exactly what it says in its title - allows you to come to faith as you are.
In the past, I've made mistakes that have lain on two ends of the spectrum - 1) doing too much too soon, and 2) taking on such a graduated approach that I end up doing nothing at all. And now, I want to strike the right balance.
You’re the only one who can decide the direction you’re going in, and sometimes, just sometimes, it feels nice to know that Allāh ﷻ is out there watching your back in the sense that you will only go through what He wants you to grow through.

Ayesha Khanom

Sometimes a teacher, sometimes a student, but mostly caffeinated. This blog is a terrible attempt at writing out my thoughts - think of it as the 'comments, complaints, and suggestions' section of my brain. Nevertheless, I hope that some of these words will find a place in your heart and will stay with you even when I do not. If you'd like to get in touch, send me a message on Instagram or leave a comment on one of these posts and I'll get back to you at the best possible time.

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This book, in all its basic glory, is about all the what-ifs and all the different ways life can manifest based on the actions of a single moment. In short, it is a small representation of both the horror and the beauty of all the lives unlived.

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I heard my mother tell me to stop holding back and to step in and help him, but in telling her to bear patiently, I realised what I've been waiting my whole life to understand.

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Ramadan is a good month as ever to use as a blueprint for how you want the rest of your days to go, so in these last few days as we begin to bid farewell to this blessed month, consider the following: what nuggets of wisdom can you actualise and put into practice in your daily life?

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Even if you take nothing away from this (very long) post, please remember this: you are reading this today, which means you still have life in you yet to live. Do not despair of that which you do not know. Embrace the moment for what it is and let yourself breathe.

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I’ve received a lot of DMs on Instagram which I’ve been hesitant to answer because most of them go along the lines of praising the level of productivity and asking for tips on how they can also maximise on the time they have at home. For the most part, my default response has been a resounding “DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE”.

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